I write about this concert below but, as a foreshadowing, this was the epitome of saying "yes"

This quarter is still happening, so of course my reflections aren't in yet... they'll be in here soon! :) 
HONORS 496, an exercise in cramming half of my portfolio work into one quarter 
ENGR 498, co-teaching the same Engineering Design Coach leadership development class I took in autumn 2021 (full circle moment!)
• M E 402, a survey of additive manufacturing technologies and their applications in product development
• M E 478, introducing the theory and computational practice of finite element analysis
• M E 495, the last 3 credits in the Engineering Innovation in Health capstone series

Funnily enough, the ramen bowl I ate is just off-screen, to the right of the frame. There wasn't a tamago in it, but I still consider that bowl life-changing.

Can you see why this was my favorite concert I've ever been to so far? The energy, the crowd, the lighting, and the vibes were all great in this small venue!

None of us expected to win this money


My research mentor from summer-autumn 2021 came to support me!

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