My Winter 2021 Honors art class asked its students to create a CAD model of a time capsule to meaningfully capture aspects of life in a pandemic. I produced a 3D-printed time capsule holding a 3D printer, which memorializes the efforts that UW students and faculty took to 3D-print face shields for health professionals in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Working in SolidWorks

Wireframe view of assembly workspace after using Split tool to cut model into lid and container.


This rendering shows an exploded view of the 3D-printed time capsule using yellow PLA plastic. A Fulcrum MiniBot, one of the smallest 3D printers currently available to consumers (roughly 8" each dimension), would be sole item that would be stored in this time capsule; it's edited into this rendering using Adobe Photoshop. 

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